Eating a Frog

Mubashir Awan
2 min readJan 1, 2021


Today I am eating a frog that distracts me from my work. Like, Whenever I am doing some work like assignments and other lecture things. I have to caught up these things that distracts me from the task.

Today when I was working on my assignment I made a timer of 25 mins on Pomodoro. The task was to work continuously for 25 min and the thing distract me from work I had to note down it and back to my work. After 25 mins I had to take a break of 5 mins and then again back to this routine. This had to repeat for four times to completely overcome it.

When I started my work, in the first session of work the thing that distracted me was the overthinking about the class work and Amal assignments, I note it down and continued the task. In the second and third session, that frog was social media notification and in the last session the frog was my game coach stories.

The benefits of this activity was that I was truly concerned with my task and my aim was not to distract from my work. This helped me a lot in completing my work in no time regarding the time estimated.

Looking forward to a constructive feedback.