Mubashir Awan
2 min readFeb 11, 2021

Progress About Mega Project

Our mega project was about Nutrition. We named our project Sustenance by Baazla. The progress that our mega circle has made regarding mega project is so Amazing. our mega circle collaborated with mega circle 3. Circle 3 named their project Kitabrary. We decided to have a Nutrition camp at ESRAH.

Both circles visited at ESRAH-ESR Against Hunger. Amal members made a session regarding the importance of a good diet and a healthy life. We have calculated the BMI of children. Members also donated books, fruits and multi-vitamins to children.

The challenges that our mega circle has faced was to approach ESRAH. We decided to contact them on their Instagram page and they don’t responded then our circle member have contacted them on WhatsApp and calls so we decided the whole scenario. Our circle made a budget regarding this visit to ESRAH. Circle members divided the whole budget equally. Every circle member had its own roles regarding this visit. one member had to made the graphics for this visit. one had to bought fruits and one had to bought vitamins and other thing. Like this, Every member has his own task. Every circle member contributed well and we made it successful.

We are also running a Facebook page named Sustenance by Baazla. Through this page, we are making an online campaign regarding nutrition and the importance of a good diet in a healthy life.

These smiley faces motivated us so much regarding our mega project. We also learned many things like teamwork and campaigning through this mega project.