To Upgrade The Hygiene Level Of My Hometown(AMAL MEGA PROJECT)

Mubashir Awan
3 min readDec 25, 2020


The project we have to do like a mega project from Amal academy, the problem on which i decided to work is the hygiene level of my hometown. Heaps of garbage on the sides of streets and there is no ordered system of management. I want to work as a volunteer in a welfare society of my village named as sohal welfare society. This society also works for blood management. If any person of our town no matter he is member of society or not needs blood, this society will arrange for them. Every member has a list of blood volunteers.

Here is the method by which this society works.

Every weekend routine:

On every Sunday, i will work with the team of this welfare society. The main purpose on Sunday is to clean the streets.

Collecting funds:

This Society has decided to collect a monthly fund from each and every house in the town. These funds will make possible to arrange a chain of dustbin on every road and mains of town.

Awareness Meetings:

Society arranges a awareness meeting on every Friday and a group of members make a round trip of town to aware every person about hygiene.

Labour Team:

Society wants to make a labour team that will work for cleaning. Society has to pay this team on monthly basis for this. This labour team will also work for those people who can not clean streets in front of their houses, you can pay them for it.

Here is the some pictures of this society members working in our town.